Meet our E-Board!

The President

Sirin is of Uzbek and Turkish decent. She is a 4th year chemical engineer with a certificate in packaging engineering and a minor in mathematics

The External Vice-President

Ana is a third year civil engineer. She is from Medellin, Colombia

The Internal Vice-President

CJ's ethnic background is Ecuadorian and African American. He is a third year civil and environmental engineering student

The Treasurer

Nancy is a sophomore at Rutgers studying Mechanical Engineering ⚙. She is from Nicaragua and Salvador.

The Secretary

Ivy is a fourth year Civil engineering student. She is from a Chinese background.

The Academic Chair

Jon is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering. He's from Ecuador.

The Activities Chair

Melissa is studying Industrial Engineering

The Community Service Chair

Luis is studying Electrical Computer Engineering

The Webmaster

Alejandro is a Electrical and Computer Engineer graduating in 2018

The Alumni Relations Chair

Dilaram is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering💻. She's from Uzbekistan 🇺🇿!

The Publicity Chair

Mohamed is of Bengali descent🇧🇩🇧🇩! He is pursuing an electrical and computer engineering degree.

THe Historian

Youseff is studying Civil Engineering

The EGC Representative

Carlos is studying Electrical Computer Engineering


Quadri is studying Mechanical Engineering

How to Join

Come to our meetings: Tuesday nights from 6:30pm-8pm at Paul Robeson Multicultural Center on the Busch Campus. You can also join our umbrella organization, by clicking on the link: SHPE